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Hi there,

Hope your day is going well. You know, we work everyday in this business for the reason that we believe in MindBoost and how the products really help people. When we get email like the one(s) below it makes our days easy.

Please take a minute and read how MindBoost has totally transformed Amelia’s life. This is a direct copy of an email chain we had with her (we only edited some personal info):

Hello Julia,

Also to let you know how much Mind Boost is helping me.

I am so amazed at how I am feelingI plan on taking it for the rest of my life. I’m only sorry I had not heard of this a lot sooner.

Send me a survey so I can tell you all about it. When you send me one before I had just taken it for a week. Thanks a lot from a very happy camper!

Yes, you may use my testimonial about the great difference “Mind Boost Day” is doing for me. You answer me promptly. I’m very please with your company.

I am delighted you found me. I have but only one regret and that is that I did not take advantage of letting you send me your offer for “Mind Boost PM”; simply because I don’t want to start sleeping pills. You try to tell me it was not a sleeping pill. However; I do plan on getting it, too, after I return home from my travels.

Once again, it is a pleasure doing business with “Simple Smart Science.”
A very Happy customer

The above is a copy of my rating on your call which I could not copy at the end . I guess it wants to be at the beginning.

Absolutely, you may use the survey when I send it, there are many of us out there in great need of help with our brain and circulation. Presently, I am traveling .. I will let you know when I get back to ..

Julia, do me a favor. The survey monkey site was complex.  My purpose was not fulfill in that site.  I was not sure it was going to you.  I just wanted to write to you.  I’m not sure that site is for me. I don’t want people to respond to me.

I want them to respond to you and order “Mind Boost.”  Let me tell you what this wonder product which I was reluctant ;yet hopeful, that it would help me.  I am 72 years old…pretty healthy with minor stuff that runs its course with age. Arthritis has set in joints..weight gained &  Lipidimia that drive doctors crazy. I refuse all unnecessary pills. But time has taken my energy and I have developed neuropathy of feet.

For years I have had numbness of my outer aspect of my right thigh. No, I am not diabetic.  All my labs are normal except for the lipids. My blood pressure is great. My left hand for years now in not as flexible as my  right hand.  No, no stroke.  I now have two older sisters with Alzheimer’s.  I have felt some memory lost to the point that I have substitute a simple word as ‘vacuum’ to:  the machine that sucks up dust.  Yes , I know..typical signs.

I started on “Mind Booster Day” on 16 Aug, 2014. It took two weeks on one pill every morning for me to noticed the changes.  They were not obvious so I missed them I did not feel the energy because I did not get the nervousness, shaky, hot flashes, talking a mile a minute, that happen with some energy booster.  What I felt was strong endurance when I work hard, bending, crawling, lifting heavy objects in the yard for 10 hours straight. That was energy at its finest.

I am a hard working person and I enjoy that day tremendously. That was on Labor Day and this Saturday  27 Sept I did more of the same in the yard for 8 hours. The day after labor day I was sore as when one over-do on squats. I was fine this Sunday after that Saturday yard work; no soreness anywhere.  Energy, stamina, endurance and strength is a hugh miracle.  What else can I call it…remember,

I am 72 yrs old.

Now for the biggest thrill of it all.

Remember, the feet neuropathy, numbness of left thigh and weakness and non-flexible left arm?  Years ago the doctor pricked my feet all the way to my ankles and it was always dull all the way to my ankles. My feet had gone through  bad spells of freezing that nothing could warm them.  I had to put my feet in hot water to warm them. Then the times my feet got so hot as if I was walking on hot coals.  When they got so hot I had to put  my feet on ice water, because I could not stand the heat.  Sure all very alarming signals that finally send me to the doctor.

Neuropathy! Nothing to be done. Not diabetic…solution…lose weight!

This is where you come in! I’ve got tears in my eyes.

On 7 September I was scratching my feet when I realized I could feel it!  It was like scratching feet that had gone to sleep or scratching them though a thick fabric and you feel a dullness scratching.  Quickly I ask my granddaughter to test my feet pricking me with sharp and dull and I could feel sharp all over my feet, ankles and leg.  I quickly check my left thigh and I could feel it all sharp!  And today I can move and wiggle my left arm & hand more flexibly just like my right hand and arm!

My mind and memory, I will have to get back with you on that.  I’m a reader but have been very busy to know the changes on that yet. I do feel some clarity because  I find that I don’t have to read the same line,  paragraph or page over and over again. I don’t have to go back chapters before to freshen myself on a character, name or situation.  I will need more time for proof before I can testify definitely on my memory and retention.

I most certainly encourage my family, friends, and anyone to see what “Mind Boost” can do for them.  I want my two sisters with Alzheimer’s to try “Mind Boost”but they are already in  Alzheimer’s place that will most likely have there own ways and will not listen.

I’m not one to resort to a pill for answers. They do more harm then good.  I took a chance with “Mind Boost” for its naturalness and I have had not one side effect.  I have no negative whatsoever; it has all been very positive. I cannot thank you enough for the improvements I am experiencing.   I am taking them for life.  I do feel you have given me a new lease on life. One to be lived to its fullest.

Because of what one pill is doing for me in such I short time, I will be ordering the night one also while I am still traveling in ******.  I just saw my wiggle hand to my daughter and she recommend I get the second pill now instead of waiting until I get to ****. Maybe you can just send them together since my order is for 3 months auto-shipping.

May Heavenly Father continue to bless all of you for helping so many.

Thank you, Julia,  thank you, Russell.

You have my permission to edit  this as you see fit.  I know I am long-winded but how else can I convey what is happening to me. I simply wanted your company to know what you have done for me.

Thank you so much,

Julia, as I am reading it this morning I mistakenly wrote on top paragraph ‘right thigh.’   Please correct that to ‘left thigh’.  It has being my left side of my arm and leg, with numbness, except for 9 years ago both feet with neuropathy. I suspect something was affecting my right side of my brain to cause numbness on my left side of body.  Yes, I did think a stroke in the making but for 15 years nothing more has manifest itself.

Yesterday as I checked my hands I was surprise to see my left hand wiggle like crazy as my right hand.  I showed this to my family who have seen my left hand move stiffly before and it was then that my daughter said, “Mom, if the one day pill is helping this well, order the second night pill now; don’t wait until you get home to ****. I’ll pay for it.  Of course I won’t let her do that, but this is the difference she is seeing on me with just one “Mind Boost Day”

Thank you for correcting this.

I want the record to be correct because what I have said here is the truth. You and I know I have volunteered  this testimonial freely so others can benefit from “Mind Boost” as I am.

An Incredible Update – January  15, 2015

What Mind Boost has done for me
Amelia *** Jan 15th at 12:24am

Dear fabulous Julia & , Russell,
I have great news to tell you. In the video I made on 18 December 2014, I told you
I felll off the 3rd step of the stairs on 1 Dec. Because of that I have had scan and on
7 Jan 2015 I had a neurological examine.

She said she was sure it was from nerve damage. I told her I was diagnosed with neuropathy and suffered with it for some years, not feeling my feet but because of a nutrients I’m taking I can feel my feet and they don’t hurt anymore.

This unbalance is worst since the fall. She was sure I fell because of the neuropathy. .nerve damage. I told her it was a long drive from Canada and I was so tired when I fall around ten at night. I lost my footing and went backwards in slow motion. I realized I was falling but I did not fight it. It was staying calm as I floated backwards. It was a good thing I did not struggle to catch myself, that might had caused me more damage. I am sure “someone” was watching over me.

She gave me a thorough examine as none I’ve ever had. I was unbalanced on the walking part of the test and I told her it was since the fall. The rest of the examine of feeling sharp and dull and testing my strength went well. I could feel everywhere on my body she tested. The diagnosis was on my medical record. When she finish the examine she said, “You don’t have neuropathy.”

I was shock…I knew I felt my feet and all the improvements I have told you before.

They can’t reverse neuropathy. She added, “I am sure of that.” I got teary eye and I hugged her..I threw her off guard…I know patients don’t hug as a rule. I was excited.

I knew MIND BOOST is helping me…I know my body and I am a witness of my improvements. I can speak Spanish after using only a little bit of conversational Spanish in my life and I can now even read it. Over 30 years ago I fell on black ice on the driveway; this time on the only brain scan i have ever had showed that I had two old injuries that had caused some bleeding into the brain. I know those two times. One as a child and the one 30 years ago; which I had not known about the bleeding.

What I was going to say was that last fall did not bring back my Spanish. I know it came back real strong to be able to read words I never knew is miraculous, yes, but I know it is because of MIND BOOST! That this is hard to believe is natural, but it is true.

I cannot thank you both enough! As my thanks I am going to try again to send that video I have had trouble sending it to you. Hope I succeed.

I am sorry I try a few times and it did not work for me to send the video.
We are heading to see sisters in New Orleans by this Friday. We are taking them with us to Pensacola to see my 84 year old sister with Alzheimer’s for over ten years.

I wish I can have her swallow MIND BOOST. I will see if I can…
With great gratitude.

Incredible. We don’t know what to say. This is better results than even we hoped for.

That makes it all worth while.

Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your lives. If you haven’t tried MindBoost yet, please click on the link below and try it. We promise you will Love it or we will send your money back.

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