Boeing Commercial Pilot Application


Boeing1 Boeing4 Boeing3 Boeing2

This was a very fun project I got to work on in collaboration with Jeppesen and Boeing. The goal of the application was aid commercial pilots in staying organized with their busy schedules. The application contracted a mass amount of data that needed to be organized in a visually pleasing way. The UX of the app was designed to follow the flow of the pilots hectic day. There is also another application designed for the multi-function display inside the aircraft that automatically links to the application being displayed of the pilot’s phone. Unfortunately this part of the project is proprietary information and cannot be shared. As the graphic designer of a team of four interns, I was in charge of creating the UI/UX that can be seen in the screenshots above. By the end of the summer, my team and I created a fully functional prototype that we presented to the top executives of Jeppesen and Boeing. They were extremely pleased with our final product and made the decision to implement the idea into future aircrafts.